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Coming off a record sales year in 2019, BMW Motorrad has recorded its second best sales year in 2020, with 169,272 motorcycles sold worldwide. This number is 3,4% down from the 2019 record of 175,162 motorcycles sold.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions imposed across the world, BMW Motorrad managed to launch 13 new models. Among these were the BMW Motorrad R18 and the mid-range twins, the F900R and F900XR, as well as the updated S1000R four-cylinder naked sports.

As can be expected, BMW Motorrad’s boxer twin continues to be its best seller, with almost 80,000 units sold in its R-series and RnineT range. For the sub-500 cc G-series bikes, the G310R and G310GS, BMW Motorrad sold over 17,000 units, and will continue on in its catalogue.

Broken down by country, its home market of Germany remains its largest market with 27,516 units sold, an increase of 1,224 units over the previous year. This was followed by France with 17,539 units against 17,300 units in 2019.

However, Europe as a whole showed a downturn in sales, registering a drop of 5.3% posted against the year before. This was made up with increased sales volume in China and Brazil, the Middle Kingdom registering a substantial 33.7% increase in sales volume with 11,788 motorcycles and scooters sold while Brazil recorded 10,707 BMW two-wheelers moving off the showroom floor, an increase of 6.4%.

The two-cylinder F-series machines, comprising of the BMW F750GS, BMW F850GS and BMW F850GS Adventure, along with the F900R and F900XR, saw more than 35,000 units sold. Of these, the F900R and F900XR comprised close to half the total sales volume with 14,429 sold across the world.

Positive about BMW Motorrad’s sales performance in 2021, Timo Resch, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing, said, “we will again deliver a variety of strong new products to our customers in 2021 together with our strong partners. The M 1000 RR, one of the most spectacular sports bikes, is waiting to be released onto the racetracks of this world.”

Other developments waiting in the wings for BMW Motorrad in 2021 include an update to the G310R and G310GS as well as “one or two surprises with regard to e-mobility this year.”

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