2023 Rimba Raid Jungle Enduro happens end August – paultan.org

Scheduled for the weekend of August 31 is the 2023 Givi Rimba Raid Taman Negara jungle Enduro. Taking off in Kuala Tahan, Pahang, the event starts with a Prologue race on September 1, followed by a 223 km Jungle Rally the following day.

What started off as a bunch of like minded friends bashing around in the jungle on adventure and dual-purpose motorcycles has now metamorphosed into Malaysia’s second largest two-wheel event after MotoGP.

This year’s Rimba Raid sees 270 participants from 25 nationalities, 32 race teams and 19 unique motorcycle brands taking part. Of the 270 jungle racers, 20 of them are lady riders from six countries while 131 Malaysians are participating.

The 223 km course will run through Kuala Tahan National Park (Taman Negara) along abandoned trails in tropical rainforest. With hills and mountains to surmount and multiple river crossings, Rimba Raid is today acknowledged as one of the toughest off-road motorcycle races in the world.

This is borne out by obstacles given names such as the famed Bukit Tobat (Repentance Hill), Tembeling Sandbank, Cerun Neraka (Descent into Hell) and the Gate of Despair. With the 2022 edition of Rimba Raid seeing only 99 of 242 participants finishing, a 40% success rate, it is expected the 2023 Rimba Raid will have 65% of the racers crossing the finish line.

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