Allianz offers free roadside assistance for motorcycles below 250cc – includes repairs, fuel, battery, towing –

Insurance company Allianz is offering its motorcycle comprehensive (below 250cc) policyholders free roadside assistance.

Provided by Allianz Road Rangers, the free service includes emergency towing assistance (free for up to 50 km, round-trip), fuel delivery, battery, and flat tyre service. Allianz Motorcycle Plus (Comprehensive) and Allianz Motorcycle (Comprehensive, below 250cc) customers can call the Allianz Road Rangers 24-hour helpline at 1800-22-5542 to have a technician or tow truck dispatched to their location for assistance, repair work or towing services.

Allianz General Insurance Company Berhad CEO Sean Wang said that motorcycles are a vastly underserved market in Malaysia. Riders have long waited for better on-the-road service, something the insurer was eager to take on.

“Allianz General is always trying to push the envelope and provide services that matter to our customers. We started the Allianz Road Rangers service for our motor comprehensive (private car) customers in 2017, and it feels great that we can now do the same for our motorcycle comprehensive policyholders below 250cc.

“Motorcycle riders are vastly underserved in Malaysia with little after-sales services, such as an accident or roadside assistance. So, if you are a motorcyclist in Malaysia, the best hope one has if they suffer a flat tyre or a breakdown in the middle of nowhere is that that a friend, a fellow rider or a good Samaritan will show up to assist them,” Sean said.

“Some operators opt-out of this type of service simply because it is not as lucrative as towing a car, but that is not how Allianz is choosing to go about it. Our goal is to change that by offering riders assistance and the promise that, with Allianz Road Rangers, help will always arrive when you need it,” he added.

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New access to ARR aside, Allianz Motorcycle Plus now offers improved protection with an Accident Cover of RM10,000 (death or permanent disablement) and Hospital Income of up to RM6,000 (RM100, for up to 60 days) for Comprehensive and Third Party policies at no extra charge.

Allianz Motorcycle Plus (Comprehensive) also includes coverage for losses or damages to your motorcycle due to accident, fire, and theft as well as third party death and bodily injuries; and third party property losses or damages, as well as the All Special Perils Full Sum-Insured Protection (covering flood, landslides or any natural disasters).

Meanwhile, Allianz Motorcycle Plus (Third Party Only) offers third party death and bodily injuries; and third party property losses or damages. Allianz Motorcycle Plus is available for purchase at Allianz General intermediaries, over the counter at Pos Malaysia branches nationwide or online. For more on how Allianz Road Rangers assist customers in accidents by warding off all the “callman” in-person, while preventing insurance fraud (a RM1 billion a year fraud), click here.

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