Bajaj Discover 110 & 125 Discontinued In India

Bajaj Auto has been updating its product range to meet the new BS6 emission norms. While most motorcycles have made the transition to the new regulations, the Bajaj Discover range has surprisingly been given the boot in the process. The Discover 110 and 125 motorcycles have been discontinued in the Indian market and have not made the crossover from BS4 to BS6. The update does come as surprising given that the Discover nameplate is one of the oldest in the company’s stable and was in production across different displacements for the past 16 years.

Bajaj has played fast and loose with the Discover series with several models on sale over a decade and a half. The company started off with the 125 cc model and later expanded the range that included – 100, 125, 135 and 150 cc motorcycles. There were also the upgraded version with more sophisticated hardware that comprised disc brakes, monoshock rear suspension and more, but failed to garner volumes. Bajaj has had over 30 variants of the Discover nameplate on sale over the years.

The Discover 110 was well-balanced with a well-tuned suspension while packing essential features

However, realigning its strategy in 2018, Bajaj Auto introduced the Discover 110 and 125 in the market that carried a simple and familiar design language, something the buyers in this segment appreciate. However, it now seems the commuter offerings haven’t really measured up to what the customers have been looking for. So has Bajaj rung the knell on the Discover motorcycles?

That could not be the case. It’s not entirely clear at the moment if exports for the Bajaj Discover range have been stopped as well. Unlike India, several emerging international markets do not conform to the BS6 emission regulations and the BS4 Discover 125 that’s already exported will comply to be sold in those countries. Moreover, the Discover brand could make a comeback in a new avatar later as we’ve seen the motorcycle do so in the past.

For now, the Bajaj CT and Platina range will remain one of the more affordable motorcycles from the bike maker and cater to the demand in the commuter range. Meanwhile, the company is retailing the Bajaj Pulsar 125 in the 125 cc segment that’s picked up pace and is bringing decent volumes for the manufacturer.

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