Scorpio Electric Singapore shows X Model prototype –

Covers have been taken off the Scorpio Electric X Model prototype electric scooter and pre-orders will be taken later in 2021. Based in Singapore, Scorpio Electric believes the future is electric and the X Model prototype “can make a difference by ushering in a new era of cleaner and more efficient way of transportation,” says Melvin Goh, chief executive officer of Scorpio Electric.

Designed for use in the urban environment, Scorpio Electric aims for the X Model to achieve speeds above 100 km/h and have a range of 200 kilometres. Hard technical details are scarce but from the press photos, the X Model looks to have a centrally mounted motor using belt drive to the rear wheel.

No word about the battery pack either, but we assume it’s a lithium-ion unit, possibly removable for remote charging and swapping. Depending on the battery pack capacity, a charging time of six to eight hours would be likely using domestic current.

Smartphone connectivity with a mobile app is standard fitment. This allows rider to activate security function, manage ride navigation and location as well as be notified of potential faults.

Suspension for the Scorpio Electric X Model uses gold-anodised upside down forks in front and a monoshock at the back, adjustable for preload and mounted on the single-sided swingarm. Braking for the X Model is done with single hydraulic discs front and rear and a full-colour TFT-LCD instrument panel is located in the cockpit.

As for pricing, no numbers were forthcoming but a figure of 10,000 Singapore dollars (RM30,450) before taxes and certificate of entitlement (COE) has been reported.

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