Swappable Batteries Consortium by Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Piaggio for common EV battery standard – paultan.org

A Swappable Batteries Consortium for Motorcycles and Light Electric Vehicles will be established with the aim of standardising swappable batteries for electric powered vehicles. This comes from a Letter of Intent signed by Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Piaggio as founding members of the consortium.

The consortium aims to establish a standard technical specification for swappable batteries, typically used in urban mobility vehicles. For Europe, these take the form of ‘L’ category vehicles such as mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles.

Activities to further this goal will begin May 2021, with the goal of encouraging the use of light electric vehicles with shortened charging times and lowering vehicle and infrastructure costs through the use of a common battery standard, thereby leveraging on economies of scale.

Honda and Yamaha have previously trialled swappable battery systems, with Honda implementing an experimental battery sharing programme in Bandung, Indonesia, in 2018. Meanwhile, Yamaha has been developing high-performance prototype electric motors for cars and motorcycles as an OEM supplier.

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