10 best selling car cleaning essentials for DIY detailing

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Sometimes, trial and error is the most effective way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. But when your car means a lot to you, you don’t want to be running the risk of trying out a product that causes expensive, annoying to fix damage to the paint or interiors. In order to see the 10 best selling, top-rated car cleaning products on Amazon for professional-level detailing, keep scrolling.

Autoglym PB002.5 Polar Blast

This pH neutral snow foam is applied through a pressure washer to cover the car in order to loosen dirt and make it easier to clean.

To be used as a pre-wash, the foam reduces the risk of scratches without removing any polish or wax that you’ve previously applied.

Promising review:

“Decided to try this out as a time-saver, rather than waxing by hand every week. After the first use, I honestly couldn’t believe how good it is. Not only did it take less than half the time to apply, it actually gave a better finish with better water-repelling properties than I’ve ever managed to achieve with any hand-applied alternative”.

4.7 stars from 8,429 ratings

RRP: £17.40, on sale now for £12.38 – you save £5.02

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Discounted Cleaning Supplies Microfibre Cloths

It never hurts to have a stack of microfibre cloths on hand when you’re doing some cleaning, and these extra-large ones work a treat on both car paint and windows.

The fine, line-free microfibre technology used in the cloths prevents surface scratches while collecting dirt and grime for a shiny, clean result.

Promising review:

“I keep a regular supply of these but they don’t really wear out. I use a clean one every day and they wash well in the machine. The best way to use them is to wet thoroughly with warm water and wring tight so they are then primed and they are ready for all the jobs you require them for”.

4.8 stars from 5,959 ratings

RRP: £7.60

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Autoglym AWKIT Aqua Wax Kit

Give your car a smear-free finish with this aqua wax kit from Autogym.

The ability of this product to be used on wet surfaces saves you time and effort because you don’t have to wait around for the car to dry in order to polish it after washing.

Promising review:

“Have bought this a number of times and can wholeheartedly recommend it.

It leaves a fantastic finish that is so easy to apply. If you always dry your car, buy yourself a bottle of this.

Without much more work, you’ll be applying a fantastic shiny finish to your car, and add an extra layer of protection. Makes washing the card the next time easier too”.

4.8 stars from 3,461 ratings

RRP: £16.50, on sale now for £11.98 – you save £4.52

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Auto Glym SRP500US Super Resin Polish

If you prefer your car to have a high gloss shine after washing, you might want to take a look at this resin polish that does just that.

Formulated with specialised emulsifiers, this polish gently cleans and conditions paintwork in order to resist deterioration and give it that fresh, shiny finish.

Promising review:

“It does what it says on the tin: easy to apply and rubs off really well, leaving paintwork clean and beautifully shiny”.

4.7 stars from 8,752 ratings

RRP: £12.28, on sale now for £11.08 – you save £1.20

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Autoglym Interior Shampoo

Help your car look and smell new again with this spray and wipe car interior shampoo that can be used on upholstery, carpets, roof lining, vinyl, and plastic.

The blend of active ingredients and deodorizing agents deep clean quickly and safely in order to deep clean and eliminate bad odours.

Promising review:

“This shampoo is excellent, my car seats were filthy and I thought I would have to get them professionally cleaned, someone at work recommended this product so I gave it a go and they came up like new. Drys quick and smells great”.

4.7 stars from 3,617 ratings

RRP: £8.20, on sale now for £7.90 – you save £0.30

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ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

A portable, lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner that comes with all the accessories you could possibly need to get into every nook and cranny of your car.

The ergonomic design makes the vacuum super easy to use and is small enough to be easily kept in the car so you’re ready for anything.

Promising review:

“Powerful for a little vacuum with a lot of attachable options. Easy to set up and the cable is long enough to reach the boot at the back. Easy to clean and empty. Very impressed with this product”.

4.2 stars from 110,708 ratings

RRP: £29.99

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Autoglym Fast Glass

Free from nasty abrasive, waxes, and silicones that can damage glass, this spray and wipe glass cleaner gives a crystal clear finish.

The fast and effective formula safely movies dust and dirt without leaving any residue behind.

Promising review:

“This is hands down the best glass cleaner I have bought, it’s expensive but it really does work better than anything else I have tried. Used sparingly it can last well over a year and this really does leave the windows streak-free”.

4.7 stars from 4,505 ratings

RRP: £9, on sale now for £8.53 – you save £0.47

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T-Cut Black Scratch Remover Colourfast Paintwork Restorer Car Polish

Restore the paintwork on your car quickly with this fast-acting car polish that blends with all shades of black.

The advanced polymers, pigmented resins, and wax technology in the formula help to remove surface blemishes and leave a deep glossy shine that lasts for months.

Promising review:

“This is a great polish, it is very easy to apply and buff off and it leaves a very deep shine on the paintwork. It also forms a good protective barrier and water is repelled easily and dirt is easy to remove”.

4.3 stars from 3,766 ratings

RRP: £9.99, on sale now for £9.50 – you save £0.49

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Amazon Basics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Slip this microfibre mitt onto your hand and use some elbow grease to give your car a comprehensive wash that won’t leave any scratches behind.

Able to golf seven times its weight in water, the mitt gives superior results and is far faster than using a regular sponge.

You can use the mitt wet to wash, or dry for streak-free drying.

Promising review:

“This mitt is incredible. Nothing is going to be the same again now that I’ve used it – I’m seeing the world through bright, sparkling, shiny eyes. Everywhere I go, everything is a little brighter, a little cleaner. Without a doubt the best purchase I’ve ever made”.

4.4 stars from 1,105 ratings

RRP: £8.39

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CarPlan Demon Universal Wheel Cleaner Brake Dust Dirt Remover

Your car isn’t truly clean until the wheels are, and leaving them dirty makes cleaning the rest of it seem a little pointless.

This spray and wipe cleaner uses an active formula to remove baked-on brake dust, grime, and oil in record time.

The wheel cleaner is universal and can be used on all types of surfaces such as chrome, plastic, alloys, and split rims.

Promising review:

“Fantastic product this is. It had a tough job to do with all four wheels heavy in brake dust. Followed instructions and it was so easy to do. Rinsed off back to perfection. Highly recommended”.

4.3 stars from 1,774 ratings

RRP: £5

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