20210 Ford Fusion, FCA-Renault merger stalls, hydrogen shortage: What’s New @ The Car Connection

2020 Ford Fusion lineup trimmed for sedan’s last year

The 2020 Ford Fusion lineup won’t include the powerful Fusion Sport.

Volvo says it will tow broken-down cars for life

Volvo owners stuck on the side of the road with a broken-down car will never need to worry about arranging a tow truck.

GM, Michelin to test airless tire prototype

General Motors and Michelin said Tuesday that they will test an airless tire prototype called the Uptis.

Renault logo and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles logo

From Motor Authority:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles withdraws offer for Renault merger

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles late on Wednesday withdrew its offer to merge with French automaker Renault.

Role call: In Normandy, D-Day Jeeps left for dead brought France back to life

Bernard Grassin’s jeep sits a stone’s throw away from the English Channel as the chatter from nearby soldiers grows; first a whisper, then a murmur, then a frantic semi-din as they unload another, nearly identical-looking jeep from the back of a GMC truck, trying to locate precisely where to place the ramps before easing it down. An older man in full war regalia asks himself out loud if it will even start, once its four tires are on the ground.

NEVS buys developer of in-wheel electric motors

Swedish electric car startup NEVS, owned by China’s Evergrande Group, announced on Monday that it has acquired Protean Electric, a British company developing in-wheel electric motors for automotive applications.

2018 Toyota Mirai

From Green Car Reports:

Hydrogen supply pinch affects San Francisco fuel-cell drivers

Hydrogen fuel-cell drivers in California’s San Francisco Bay Area may soon have to find a backup plan—like a gasoline or electric vehicle.

BMW teams with Jaguar Land Rover for EV parts

Jaguar Land Rover and BMW announced Wednesday that they will form an alliance to build the unique parts, beyond the battery, that make up an electric vehicle.

Tesla gets (more) real with online pricing, downplays gas-price game

It came as something of a breakthrough on Monday when Tesla updated its website to, nearly, put cash prices for its cars up front in its Design Studio—where potential buyers go to configure the cars they want to buy.

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