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With each launch of a motorcycle on the Malaysian market comes great interest particularly about price, especially for those in the underbone or kapchai segment. On social media, many have alleged that distributors have raised the prices of these commonly bought motorcycles from their official list price, and outright cash purchases have allegedly been refused, too.

Following the arrival of the Yamaha Y15ZR V2 in Malaysia, the Bahasa Malaysia section of paultan.org checked with various dealers across the Klang Valley to see what the prices of Yamaha’s popular underbone motorcycle are in real life, at the dealers. True enough, prices for the same model of kapchai have been found to vary between outlets, even between outright cash purchases and hire purchase loans.

This time, our colleague conducted a similar exercise with regard to the pricing of the Yamaha 135LC Fi V8 that was launched last month, and we enquired with three dealers, each in different areas; outlet A in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, outlet B in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya and outlet C in Pandamaran, Klang.

For reference, pricing starts from RM7,798 for the base model and RM8,198 for the 135LC Fi SE Special Edition; pricing is recommended retail and excludes road tax, insurance and registration.

In-store pricing of the 2022 Yamaha 135LC Fi V8, OTR including insurance. Click to enlarge

Once outlets A and B were visited and pricing has been provided from the respective businesses, we can see that both outlets offer the same price of RM8,800 for cash purchases of the 135LC Fi V8, while hire purchase loans arrangements yield a slightly different sum, even if both outlets A and B require an identical deposit amount of RM1,000.

Our guess is that the slight difference in pricing is down to the different financing providers, and when we consider the overall sum paid at the end of the hire purchase tenure, the difference between the prices from outlet A and outlet B is just RM252. In the case of outlet A in particular, the financing is provided by AEON Credit at an annual interest rate of 10% per annum.

Pricing from outlet C for the latest iteration of the 135LC shows a more considerable difference compared to the first two outlets checked, where the total sum paid by the end of the loan tenure for the motorcycle is RM13,004, which makes it RM556 dearer than that offered by outlet A and RM304 more expensive than outlet B.

2022 Yamaha 135LC Fi Special Edition

As far as we have managed to enquire, there isn’t any major issue with buying from outlets A and B should the customer want to make the purchase with cash outright, however waiting times will be an additional one week on top of the prevailing waiting list compared to customers who are buying on hire purchase loans.

That waiting list, regardless of purchase method is around one month for the latest 135LC, and none of the outlets we enquired with have any ready stock in hand, and neither can the dealers promise which colours will be available and to what extent. The same wait list situation applies to the Y15ZR, we have been told.

What about the situation on the ground in your area, dear readers? Are the prices offered by your local dealers comparable, or are they significantly cheaper or more expensive? Let us know in the comments section.

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