Aftermarket Jeep Gladiator Honcho Sticker Pack Brings Back Memories

A tuning firm has the answers Jeep doesn’t.

Do you remember the Honcho trim package for the Jeep J10 truck? It was a cool, retro-looking pack offered between 1976 and 1983. Even though the automaker constantly tries to answer the customers’ needs for retro-flavored versions with special edition models, there’s nothing quite like the original Honcho currently on sale. 

Thankfully, there’s the aftermarket scene which usually fills the niches left empty by the OEMs. In this case, a company called Rider Graphix is selling very cool stickers for the Jeep Gladiator mimicking the original Honcho graphics. MuscleCarsAndTrucks reports the sticker package, including side and tailgate stripes, costs $389, but it’s currently offered for $329 for a limited time.

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In fact, the Honcho theme is not the only available. Customers can customize the graphics and there are a number of styles already designed. There’s also a hood graphic in a number of different variants and it costs an additional $129.

Most importantly though, the Honcho hood badges – and there are also Scrambler badges – are sold separately at an extra cost. The tuning firm also offers custom text hood stickers with up to 10 characters and two dashes, currently available at $79. You know, if you want to write the latitude and longitude coordinates of your home address, for example.

Not quite like the original, you might say, but still a step in the right direction until (if) Jeep brings something similar but more in line with the original Honcho to the market. This might not happen at all but let’s not forget a Jeep dealer incorporated a Honcho-inspired retro look to the modern truck in 2019 giving at some hope.


Rider Graphix via MuscleCarsAndTrucks

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