All-Electric Mercedes-Benz eEconic Is Coming

Mercedes-Benz Econic truck to get an all-electric version in 2022.

Mercedes-Benz announced a new all-electric truck model – the Mercedes-Benz eEconic (an electric version of Mercedes-Benz Econic), which will be based on the Mercedes-Benz eActros.

The Econic is well suited especially for waste-collection but it might be used also in other inner-city traffic applications.

We don’t know anything about specs yet, but a range of up to 200 km (125 miles) – similar to eActros – would not be a surprise.

The practical evaluation will start in 2021, while series production is planned from 2022. The eActros will be launched a year earlier in 2021.

“Daimler Trucks is taking the next logical step in the electrification of trucks with the battery-electric low-floor truck Mercedes-Benz eEconic. Customer testing of the eEconic for municipal use will begin in 2021. Selected customers will test the vehicles for their everyday practicality in actual applications. The experience gained from customer testing will flow directly into series production of the eEconic, which is to start in 2022. The eEconic is based on the eActros electric truck for heavy distribution, which will already go into series production in 2021.

The eEconic will at first be offered in the configuration 6×2/N NLA and is mainly in demand as a waste-collection vehicle. Battery-electric trucks are very well suited for urban use in waste management due to the comparatively short and plannable daily routes of up to 100 kilometers with a high proportion of stop-and-go in inner-city traffic. With an anticipatory driving style, electrical energy can be recovered during braking to charge the battery, which further improves range and efficiency.”

Daimler Trucks & Buses electrification already include several models:

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