An Original James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Is Coming Up for Sale

Aston Martin is building a limited run of continuation DB5s based on the gadget-laden car James Bond drove in Goldfinger. But if you’re not into reproductions, don’t worry. An original DB5 modified by Eon Productions, the company behind the Bond films, is coming up for sale this summer via RM Sotheby’s. This is your opportunity to buy the real thing instead.

According to RM Sotheby’s, this car is one of two DB5s ordered by Eon Productions to promote the 1966 Bond film Thunderball. It was modified in exactly the same manner as the DB5 featured in Goldfinger, which means it has all the gadgets. It’s had just three private owners, and underwent a no-expense-spared restoration in 2012. Everything is said to work as it should, and the car reportedly drives as it did new. Gadgets like the smokescreen deployer, interior mapping system, ejector-seat roof cutout, deployable bumpers and turn-signal-mounted machine guns are shown in the pictures of the car below:

One of just four cars built to Goldfinger-spec in-period, this DB5 is undoubtedly one of the most well-recognized, desirable Aston Martins in existence. RM Sotheby’s sold this exact car to its current owner in 2006 for slightly over $2 million, though it expects to rake in between $4 million and $6 million this time around in Monterey on August 17th. For comparison, Aston is charging $3.6 million for its Goldfinger DB5 recreation.

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