Angry driver slapped with £70 parking fine despite entering car details – ‘gutted!’

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Writing on Mumsnet, the driver explained that they received a £70 fine after a hospital appointment. She said she had entered their car registration details on a machine at reception, allowing her to have two hours of parking for free.

The driver said she was always careful when entering her details as she was “caught out” a few years ago when the parking system was first introduced.

She added: “I couldn’t believe it when a week later I received a fine for £70! 

“I am gutted. I am adamant I entered my details correctly.

“There was no option for a receipt as the machine said the printer was out of paper.”

The concerned driver said she has appealed in writing, but has a “horrible feeling” it won’t be “good enough”.

Without proof, she feared she would be fined and have to “pay up”.

She asked the forum whether other people have had this happen to them and what the outcome was.

The motorist was met with support in the comments, saying she would have a good chance of avoiding paying the fine.

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According to Citizens Advice, in some situations drivers can get free parking in NHS car parks and should not be given a parking ticket.

People shouldn’t be given a parking ticket if they have a Blue Badge, an employee working a night shift or an outpatient who often has to go to hospital at least three times a month.

Exemptions also apply for parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 who have to spend the night at the hospital as an inpatient.

Some suggested that she should contact the office of the hospital to see if the fine could be cancelled.

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One commenter said: “Definitely appeal and if that fails, appeal again.

“Call the hospital to get proof you entered your registration with them.

“If they don’t have it, then you say it was their mistake not yours and you should have your appointment letter or card showing you had a hospital appointment that qualifies you for the free parking. 

“Not your fault reception didn’t put your registration in correctly on their system.

“I recently won on the second round of appeals an invalid parking charge under similar circumstances where reception had failed to enter my car registration.”

Many commenters were also shocked that the driver attended an appointment at a hospital with free parking.

Another driver suggested the driver should “definitely appeal”.

They added: “Maybe there’s some other way to prove you entered your reg like CCTV?”

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