Audi Announces 7 New SUV Variants Are Coming This Year

SQ8 and RS Q8 practically confirmed.

Audi’s 130th Annual General Meeting was surprisingly important in terms of model lineup changes as aside from announcing a high-end A8, the head honchos also revealed plans for an SUV onslaught. No fewer than seven SUV versions will be introduced before the end of the year, with the key word being “versions” since these will be derivatives of existing models rather than completely new vehicles.

Two of them will be the first Sportback-badged SUVs, namely the Q3 Sportback – previously referred to by Audi as the Q4 – and the fully electric E-Tron Sportback. Audi went on to mention another two will be “particularly sporty versions” of the Q8, so it’s probably safe to assume the Four Rings company was talking about the hotly anticipated SQ8 and RS Q8. Both have been spied undergoing testing multiple times with very little camouflage, which means a full reveal of the dynamic duo later this year would make sense.

Audi Sport Will Expand Its SUV Portfolio:

That brings the total of known models to four, but what about the other three? Well, a slideshow of a product roadmap presented by Audi Spain featured the RS Q3 for a release towards the end of the year. For whatever reason, the SQ3 was not listed, but we’re expecting the warm version to come out first.

The jury is still out regarding the identity of the seventh SUV variant, but one could speculate it’s an RS version of the Q7. The boxy SUV is getting a mid-cycle refresh this year, which might come along with the full-fat Audi Sport treatment to complement the diesel-fueled SQ7. However, perhaps a more plausible scenario is the RS Q5 that’s been rumored for a couple of years. We’ll just have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure, Audi has a plethora of SUVs in its ever-growing portfolio.

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