Audi Updates e-tron Charging Service: IONITY From €0.31/kWh

If you plan to use the IONITY charging network for at least 450 kWh per year, the Audi e-tron Charging Service is a smart solution.

Audi announced a slightly updated e-tron Charging Service, which just like with Mercedes me Charge, allows the use of the IONITY fast-charging network in Europe at a significant discount, compared to the IONITY ad-hoc prices.

The German manufacturer offers access to around 135,000 charging points in 24 countries through a single account and one of two rates: City (€4.95 per month) and Transit (€17.95 per month).

* prices for the German market

“One year after launching its own charging service, Audi is introducing a kWh-based price to the e-tron Charging Service that allows customers to charge their cars with quick-charge service provider IONITY. Here, e-tron customers benefit from heavily discounted rates with the transit rate at 31 cents per kilowatt hour used. Everyday usability is underlined by the fact that the number of countries and charging points connected has doubled since the market launch. With a contract, the premium charging service makes around 135,000 public charging points in 24 countries accessible. When driving abroad, customers can charge their cars according to the local purchasing conditions without any extra costs.”

The City rate simplifies AC and DC charging cost to respectively €7.95 and €9.95 per session, regardless of time, energy or power (the car can take up to 22 kW AC and up to 150 kW DC).

The difference of €13 per month or €156 per year lies in a lowered IONITY charging rate (from €0.79 to €0.31 per kWh).

If we divide the annual additional cost of €156 (12 months times €13) per €0.48 (difference per kWh in ad-hoc and Transit rate), it will last for 325 kWh per year (or some 7 charging sessions, 45 kWh each). If you expect to use the IONITY network for more than 325 kWh per year, it would be smart to upgrade from the City rate to Transit.

Those who are interested in IONITY, but not interested in AC/DC offer from other networks, would have to use at least ≈450 kWh per year to balance the monthly cost of €17.95.


City rate*

Transit rate*

Basic fee



AC charging (up to 22 kW)

€7.95/charging process

€7.95/charging process

DC charging (up to 150 kW)

€9.95/charging process

€9.95/charging process

IONITY HPC (up to 150 kW)

IONITY ad-hoc price per kWh

Special price:€0.31/kWh

*Prices valid for the German market; minimum term: 12 months.

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