Balik kampung with an EV in Malaysia "not a problem" –

For many Malaysians, the idea of doing long distance driving with a fully electric vehicle is still an intimidating one. Range anxiety is often the primary concern, but one that can be easily quelled through adequate planning. Recently, many EV owners have made the balik kampung journey without so much as a hiccup.

Such was the case for one Farhan A. Rahim, an engineer who drove his EV from his place of residence in Bangi back to his hometown in Kuantan, The Star reports. The 45-year-old has been driving his EV for almost two years and said the journey back to Kuantan was smooth.

“Many have asked whether it is okay to take a long road trip using an EV. For me, there was no problem,” he told Bernama, adding that travelling in an EV is much more comfortable for him, regardless for short hauls or long journeys.

“This is not the first time I’ve driven an EV back to my hometown in Kampung Permatang Badak. At first, I was not confident due to several challenges such as limited charging infrastructure, the fear of getting stuck in a traffic jam, and the lack of service stations. However, I managed to reach Kuantan last Saturday without difficulty even though I was using alternative roads from Bangi to Kuala Pilah before arriving at Kuantan – a journey of about 300 km,” he said.

Farhan reiterated that taking a road trip in an EV requires the owner to undertake careful planning, because an EV’s range depends on a number of factors, especially its battery capacity and driving style. He also said “using an EV is more cost-effective as the cost of charging is cheaper than the price of fuel.” In Kuantan, he charges his car for free at TJM Cars.

This sentiment was shared by a 29-year-old Amyrul Annas Rosli. He spent more than three hours driving back to his hometown in Bagan Datuk, Perak, and experienced no problems along the way. Amyrul said although owners can charge their EVs at home using the standard three-pin plug, it is very time consuming, and hopes that more charging stations would be set up in the future to facilitate EV charging.

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