Being A Dog Dad Has Made Me Appreciate SUVs

Being A Dog Dad Has Made Me Appreciate SUVs - Features

I’ve been a dog dad to Maisy, a Springer Spaniel crossed with a Whippet, for just over a year. She’s fast, inquisitive, smart and doesn’t vomit in cars, so on the whole, she’s a good dog (hopefully she’ll learn to control her urges to chase everything that moves, including squirrels, cats, foxes, sheep, deer and horses).

Having Maisy has taught me a few things, too. For example, I’ve come to the conclusion that SUVs (much like estates) are perfectly suited to life with a dog.

Being A Dog Dad Has Made Me Appreciate SUVs - Features

For starters, you wouldn’t believe how much crap you need to take with you when you go on a mini break with a dog. There’s it’s crate, food, toys, blankets, towels and bowls, not to mention the dog itself, so by the time you’ve packed these things, you’re already running low on space…

And with the boot almost always reserved for Maisy, all of these things (above) get piled onto the rear seats. That’s why I’ve appreciated the Cupra Ateca more than I expected.

If you can tell me what's wrong this picture, i'll give you a cookie

Its tall, large and airy boot means that Maisy is happy in the back, and the raised ride height has proven useful for the excursions we now go on together to the beach, hills and forests; one of the biggest benefits of dog ownership is the fact you explore your surroundings and beyond far more than being #foreveralone.

So while the Cupra may not be the last word in terms of refinement, it still a rapid, good looking and very dog friendly way of getting out and about.

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