Best Wheel Spacers: Show Off Your Ride with Style and Flair

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For anyone wanting to show off their car, having it painted, adding decals, or improving the ride and sound of it are but a few ways to do so. You can also change the size, style, and color of the car’s wheels. While these will help add a unique look to your ride, installing wheel spacers will also make them stand out and improve the ride and performance of the car. Here are the best wheel spacers we found that will enhance the overall look and feel of your car.

Benefits of Wheel Spacers

  • Improve car handling. Wheel spacers will help improve the car’s ability to turn, and it will greatly impact the amount of cornering. They add more space for the wheels to maneuver, causing the tires to be further apart from each other, distributing the weight equally between all four wheels.
  • Enhance the car’s look. High-quality wheel spacers will change the way your car looks. By adding just a small amount of extra space between the rim and the wheel hub, the wheels will stick out a few inches from the fenders. Their design is meant to give your car a more sporty and fierce look.
  • Add larger tires. Having larger tires is one way to improve handling, speed, and control. The majority of custom wheels won’t fit on standard cars, so adding wheel spacers will help make sure you can install the tires and wheels you want on your ride without fear of them rubbing against the frame, axle, or anything else on the car.

Types of Wheel Spacers


Bolt-on wheel spacers are fastened to the existing studs to bolt the spacer onto the hub. When purchasing these, you’ll need to check and make sure they are compatible with your wheels and lug nut patterns.


Slip-on wheel spacers slide onto the studs leaving room left for your wheel to fit back on. However, depending on the size of your wheels, sometimes, they don’t leave enough room for them to fit back on. This will not allow enough space for you to fasten the lug nuts properly and securely. You may need extended studs with slip-on spacers to secure the wheels in place safely.

Top Brands

Supreme Suspension

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Supreme Suspension has been creating performance upgrade parts for vehicles since 1991. It specializes in offroad testing to make sure all the technology is functional on the road. It makes the Supreme Suspensions Hub Centric Wheel Spacers.


Founded in Germany in 1951 by Heinrich Eibach, this company focuses on designing parts for speed and power. It has worked on cars taking part in Le Mans, Mulsanne, and NASCAR. One of the best wheel spacers it makes is the Eibach Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacer Kit.


Spidertrax focuses its engineering on creating high-quality wheel spacers and more for off-roading vehicles. It began in 1999 by Thomas Kingston in New Jersey at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. One of its most durable wheel spacers is the Spidertrax S2PWHS010 Wheel Spacer Kit.

Wheel Spacers Pricing

  • $65-100: This price range of wheel spacers will see generally a thinner spacing design for wheels. These can start out at 1 inch thick. You’ll also pay for the number of spacers included in a pack. Typically, they can be found in a pack of two.
  • $100-up: Here you’ll pay for a thicker variety of wheel spacers; anything from 1 inch and up. The packs will also come complete with four-wheel spacers.

Key Features

Wheel Size

Knowing the size of the wheel you are trying to fit onto your car is necessary to make sure they and the wheel spacers fit accordingly and securely to the car.

Spacer Size

It’s recommended to purchase wheel spacer extender studs no matter what size and width you get. Not having enough space between the wheel and spacer will result in it not fitting correctly. Extender studs will give you that extra room to fit the wheels right where you want them. Also, check the bolt pattern of the spacers and your studs to make sure they match up with the lug nuts.

Other Considerations

  • Compatibility: You’ll want to check to see if the wheel spacers you are looking at are compatible with your car. Many are designed with specific offroad vehicles in minds such as trucks, jeeps, and SUVs. They’ll also come with their own stud pattern, so you’ll also want to make sure you have the correct amount of studs required to fit the wheel spacer properly to your car.

Best Wheel Spacer Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Wheel Spacers Overall: Supreme Suspensions Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

These are 1.5-inch hub centric wheel spacers. They are made up of high-quality and durable T6 aluminum, which helps them not corrode in tough elements or conditions. They can handle heavy loads with ease, and their coating provides a great look to your vehicle.

What we found especially great about these centric wheel spacers is the time it takes to install them. Nothing is overly difficult about putting them on the studs. The company rates it will take between one to three hours to install them yourself, and you don’t need any fancy equipment to do so. This gives you the freedom and saves you money on installing them at a shop. Their tough and resilient design helps you gain more traction on the road and add a unique look to your ride.

However, we found they may not be a suitable fit for all studs. Many consumers report they had to trim back their studs a bit in order for these to fit properly. That may be due to the size of the wheel they had as well, so double check the size you have before ordering.

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Best Wheel Spacers Value: Spidertrax S2PWHS010 Wheel Spacer Kit

These 1.5-inch-thick wheel spacers are strong, powerful, and won’t rattle around beneath the weight of your vehicle or its large wheels.  A thing we enjoyed about these aluminum wheel spacers are the fact they are cut and designed to fight off corrosion, plus their blue color is pleasing to the eyes and makes them stand out.

Spidertrax outfits all of their wheel spacers with 4140 chromoly wheel studs. They are built as a bolt-on style of the spacer, making for a quick and easy installation. Another great feature we found is they prevent the tires from rubbing together, which is a must, especially for large or oversized tires.

While they may be an excellent pair of wheel spacers, they do only come in a set of two, so you’ll have to buy another set in order to outfit all four wheels. They also only come in a 1.5-inch design, which is the middle range of thickness for wheel spacers. 

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Best Wheel Spacers Honorable Mention: RockTrix for Precision European Wheel Spacers

These RockTrix wheel spacers come in a set of four and multiple widths to help you mount large wheels to your car. Starting at 1 inch, these spacers make an excellent set for making sure your car can not only hold the weight of larger wheels but also drive on them safely and securely while giving you better handling. 

A feature we found extremely useful was the exceptional wheel balance they provide. They work to eliminate any chance of vibration or noise coming from tight turns or difficult terrain. They give your vehicle a more aggressive stance, and the anodized aluminum coating fights off corrosion. Plus, they don’t look half bad, either.

While you may have the knowledge and hand tools to install these yourself, it is highly recommended by the manufacturer to have these attached by a professional. While that will set you back more money, you’ll have some peace of mind knowing they were put on correctly. The studs also need to be less than 2 inches long, or the wheels won’t fit properly.

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  • Make sure to check the size of the wheels you want and compare it to the length of the studs and thickness of the wheel spacer for a safe and secure fit.
  • It’s recommended to check the wheel spacers after driving for a few miles to make sure they are still holding strong. After first installing them, drive 25 to 50 miles, then check them to make sure they haven’t loosened.
  • Not all wheel spacers will be compatible with every car. To help make sure they fit tightly to your studs, you may need to buy stud extenders. It’s highly recommended you purchase them just in case.


Q: Do wheel spacers affect alignment?

A: Installing a wheel spacer can affect the alignment of your vehicle. It’s recommended to get the alignment checked just in case after having them installed.

Q: Can I drive the car on just two wheel spacers?

A: While yes, technically you could drive the car on just two wheel spacers, it is not recommended. Making sure all four of your tires are the same width and length apart helps distribute weight evenly on all of them. Driving with just two spacers may weaken the amount they can hold.

Q: Will wheel spacers fit any vehicle?

A: You’ll want to check with the manufacturer before installing them on just any car. Many are designed with a specific vehicle in mind such as a Jeep Wrangler JK, Dodge Ram 1500, or Grand Cherokee, so double check which kind you’re interested in before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

If you want to add a larger set of wheels and tires to your car, then the Supreme Suspensions Hub Centric Wheel Spacers are a great choice.

For anyone who wants to save a bit of cash but still get a solid choice for wheel spacers to check out the Spidertrax S2PWHS010 Wheel Spacer Kit.

Do you have any wheel spacers you prefer that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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