BMW 5 Series G60 vs G30 – the new, larger sedan vs the previous generation – which design do you prefer? –

Here are some side-by-side shots of the new G60 BMW 5 Series, which made its world premiere yesterday night, and the sedan it will replace, the G30 5 Series. The seventh-generation G30 was unveiled back in a little under seven years ago in 2016, and the blue example you see here is the facelift that debut in May 2020, the G60’s immediate predecessor.

You can read all about the 2024 BMW 5 Series in our launch report, and this post is just to show you the new and the old (but it still feels quite new, doesn’t it, the G30 LCI) side-by-side. Off the bat, which do you prefer?

If this was an actual poll, we wouldn’t be surprised at the outcome – our money will be on many of you preferring the G30. Personally, it’s non-contest and we’re regressing – the G30 is perfect in balancing elegance and sportiness. Throw in the superb drive and it could even be one of the best cars in the world.

But we’ve been here before, many times in fact. Each time BMW comes up with something new, car enthusiasts and BMW fans will pan the new one and extol the old one(s), bringing out their rose-tinted glasses (probably wine red-tinted, for BMW fans). “E30!” “E39 the best!”, surely you’ve heard all these before.

But as time passes, BMW will more often than not be proven right. Remember the initial reaction to the Bangle-era E60 5 Series? Even the iX, with that face and unconventional SUV proportions, is selling like hot cakes.

So, the new 5 Series, what do you think? We’ve chosen similar angles, but note that the G60 – at 5,060 mm long (yes, it’s over 5m now!) and 1,900 mm wide – the G60 is 97 mm longer and 32 mm wider than the G30. The new sedan is also 36 mm taller (1,515 mm) and its 2,995 mm wheelbase is 20 mm longer, which means that most of the newly-added length goes into the overhangs.

It’s not just overall height that’s up, but we can see that the front fascia is now taller. If you don’t like it, just be thankful that the 5 Series escapes the huge nostrils that we see on bigger models like the 7 Series and X7.

The sides of the G60 appear cleaner (flush door handles too), but without the G30’s strong crease of a tornado line and “hockey stick” (replaced by a gentle upward curve) to break up the visual mass, does the side profile look a tad tall? At the back, the traditional BMW sedan tail lamps on the G30 has been slimmed down to almost a straight line, as previewed by the latest G70 7 Series.

As for the new interior, it’s a big shift from the G30’s familiar cockpit (which looks really old in comparison), but with zero surprises. The conjoined wide screen layout is as per the new 7 Series, but note that the screen and centre stack is angled towards the driver, as opposed to being flat on the limo. This continued tradition befits the Five’s status as a driver’s car, a nice touch also seen in the Perodua Axia. Just joking!

So, what do you think of the new G60 5 Series versus the G30? Which style do you prefer? Let us know. Check out our full launch report for everything you need to know about the new 5er.

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