BMW Increases Prices On Most 2023 Models, M5 Is Up $4,200

BMW announces pricing for its full 2023 model lineup in the United States, and many of its products are becoming more expensive. In some cases, the increase is as little as a bit over a hundred dollars, but other vehicles now cost several thousand dollars more.

The table below shows each BMW product, the 2023 price, the difference, and the vehicle’s start of production.

In addition to increasing the prices on many models, BMW is also making mid-year changes to the cost of several 2023 products. This time, the table shows the vehicle, orginal price, new cost, and the difference.

BMW is hardly alone in increasing the prices of its vehicles. Recently, we’ve seen similar moves for the 2023 Subaru Crosstrek, Subaru BRZ, Audi’s lineup in the US, the Lexus LS, and more. Chevrolet bucked the trend by cutting the cost of the Bolt and Bolt EUV.  

Source: BMW

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