BMW Malaysia, EV Connection unveil first Mobile Charging Vehicle in Malaysia – up to 20 kWh, 15 kW DC –

BMW Group Malaysia has partnered with electric vehicle charging solutions provider EV Connection for the development of the first mobile EV charging vehicle powered by repurposed BMW and MINI electric vehicle batteries, shown at the Malaysia Autoshow 2023 that is taking place this week.

The mobile charging vehicle is a prototype that houses 16 units of repurposed BMW battery modules which have a state of health of approximately 70%, providing a capacity of 20 kWh and which can provide up to 30 kVA of three-phase AC power.

The Nissan Vanette shown in these images is currently the sole prototype, and actually merely serves as a mobile platform for the charging facility; future iterations may use a different make or model of vehicle, according to an EV Connection representative.

For vehicle charging, the mobile charging vehicle packs what is originally a 30 kW DC charger that has been reduced in output to 15 kW – to prolong battery life – located at the rear of the vehicle, and thus can offer a rescue recharge to provide up to two EVs with enough battery charge to reach the nearest charging station.

In addition to rescuing of electric vehicles in need of battery charge, the mobile charging vehicle also provides enough electricity in disaster zones, to power up to eight homes at full capacity.

The mobile charging vehicle comes into the second-life battery programme that is part of the initiative by BMW Group Malaysia, who aims to divert all retired EV batteries for the expansion of their electrification possibilities. These will expand into high-voltage solutions to provider for urban charging hubs, mobile generators for disaster zones as well as for electrification in rural areas in the future, says BMW Malaysia.

“The repurposing of these end-of-life batteries from our electrified vehicles essentially places them back into the loop to continue serving the EV ecosystem, after they have completed their lifecycle in our vehicles. This recognises the significant value of the precious metals that are in our batteries, which are finite resources on this planet, and prolongs their use as much as possible before they are eventually retired,” said BMW Group Malaysia head of corporate communications and sustainability Sashi Ambi.

“EV Connection is honoured to be part of this unprecedented innovative initiative with a trusted automotive brand such as BMW in the development of this mobile charger. It is our hope that we will be able to elevate the range anxiety of EV drivers and contribute towards driving the electrified mobility revolution in Malaysia,” said EV Connection technical director Che Hang Seng.

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