Bugatti Explains The Science Behind Hitting 304 MPH With Chiron Super Sport 300+

It wasn’t easy to build a Bugatti Chiron capable of 304 mph. Sure the base Chiron is one of the most capable cars on the planet, but Bugatti still had to reengineer many parts of the normal car to achieve this record-setting top speed. To explain exactly how much work it took to take the normal Chiron design and build the unique Chiron Super Sport 300+ Bugatti created a list of every single component that is new or changed. The sheer volume of changes required shows the extreme lengths hypercar manufactures need to go to achieve new top speed records.

The leap from normal Chiron to Chiron Super Sport 300+ is almost as big as the gap from Veyron to Chiron was in 2016. Bugatti spent a great deal of time refining the aero of the Chiron Super Sport 300+, “Only perfect incoming airflow at the front of the car will keep harmful turbulence at bay and ensure that the airflow around the car stays clean,” says Frank Heyl, Deputy Design Director at Bugatti.

With the front aero changed to be perfect at speeds over 300mph, Bugatti turned their attention to the rear of the car. The Chiron Super Sport 300+’s rear end is 25.0-centimeters longer than a normal Chiron, this helps control both downforces and lift at the rear of the car to have a small break-away area.

The engine now uses a 3-D printed titanium exhaust along with larger more efficient turbochargers. The result is a final power output of 1,587 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque. According to Bugatti, “all four turbos now use a compressor wheel that grew in size from 74 to 77 millimeters, to allow for higher throughput. The turbine wheel grew from 64.4 to 67.2 millimeters in diameter, to be able to provide more compressor power, necessary for the increase in boost pressure.”

The Chiron Super Sport 300+ is a marvel of engineering. The extreme lengths Bugatti went to in their quest for over 300 mph is what hypercars are for and we look forward to seeing what Bugatti does next.

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