BYD Tang 600 & 600D Electric SUV: Specs/Images/Videos

After four years of the selling plug-in hybrid Tang, BYD introduced also an all-electric version with 82.8 kWh battery

This Spring BYD started in China sales of the long-awaited all-electric version of Tang SUV, which as a plug-in hybrid was introduced in 2015 and quickly became a top selling plug-in car.

While the Tang PHEV (aka Tang DM / Dual Mode) lived to see a second-generation PHEV version in 2018 (and noted almost 7,000 sales per month at the peak in January 2019), the all-electric Tang debuted in March 2019. It’s a great looking and well equipped electric car, which combined with strong specifications should be enough for it to succeed.

During the first two months, BYD delivered 1,594 and 1,651 Tang BEVs respectively, which is not a bad start. So far this year, the combined sales of both types place Tang model as the 3rd best selling plug-in car in China.

It will be very interesting to see how well the Tang BEV will perform over the long term in China, where consumers are now getting more and more various electric crossover/SUV type of cars, including the NIO ES8 and upcoming NIO ES6. One thing is sure, when foreign manufacturers try to enter the Chinese market, Chinese manufacturers will be ready for competition.

New BYD models

Tang EV 600 and Tang EV 600D

The all-electric Tang is available in two versions:

Both versions are equipped with the same 82.8 kWh battery, but the 600D has two electric motors instead of just one. The top of the line 600D can go 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds.

The range is up to 500 km (310 miles) in case of EV 600D and slightly more, up to 520 km (323 miles), in case of EV 600, but as the numbers are for the NEDC test cycle, then it’s better to assume 400 km (250 miles) at best.

BYD Tang BEV 600D specs:

BYD Tang BEV 600 specs:

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The 2nd generation BYD Tang PHEV is available with 20 or 24 kWh battery from 239,900 yuan ($34,766) and 279,900 yuan ($40,563) respectively (after subsidies).

BYD Tang PHEV specs:

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