Caravan and motorhome owners warned of ‘expensive’ costs this winter

Matt Baker runs into trouble after parking his caravan

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Google Trend data shows a 5,000 percent increase in searches for “motorhome for sale near me” and “motorhome sales near me”, and with habitation checks making motorcaravans more likely to sell, owners could benefit. A habitation check is an important inspection of the living area of a caravan or motorhome, is usually done by a professional engineer and makes sure the vehicle is roadworthy.

Shane Malpass, a spokesperson for We Buy Any Motorcaravan, said it was vital that drivers prepare their motorcaravan before the winter.

He warned of the damage that the bitter conditions can cause and how to combat a frozen windscreen.

He added: “Winterising your caravan is an important step to take to extend the longevity of your motorhome. 

“Many people prefer to travel in the summer months, where the weather is warmer and the evenings are lighter. 

“For many Brits, travelling in the winter isn’t for them, and so now is the time to park up and start thinking about storing your motorhome for winter.

“The cold winter months can be responsible for some of the worst, most damaging, most expensive and most nightmarish problems that motorhomes face.”

He urged drivers to take steps to protect their vehicle or run the risk of coming into contact with a whole host of issues.

This could include extreme water damage, tyre problems, seal problems and even engine problems.

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If temperatures drop massively, drivers may even see rodents and infestation issues as well as damp and mould.

Shane said it was best to protect the motorhome or caravan before the temperatures drop below freezing.

He also highlighted how every individual will have different circumstances, especially the weather.

If someone lives in the Scottish Highlands, it may be best to begin winterising their vehicle in early Autumn.

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For those that live across England and Wales, motorhomes and caravans should be protected and stored away by late autumn.

As with any extended break from using the vehicle, drivers should remove all valuables to prevent from being targeted by burglars.

It will also help to leave the cupboard, wardrobe doors and bedroom door open.

This will serve to improve the circulation inside the motorhome and also show there is nothing of value for any would-be thieves.

Over the winter months, drivers should move their motorhome and caravan periodically.

This will prevent its workings from seizing up and ensure there are no unforeseen issues with the vehicle.

It is also vital for the wheels, as it will ensure that the whole weight of the vehicle is not sitting on the same spot on the tyres for months.

When left in the same place for an extended period of time, the tyres can become deformed and may lead to accidents.

Disconnecting the gas is also vital, with all storage facilities having policies on storing gas when it is not in use.

Gas bottles should be safely removed and if possible kept somewhere secure until they are needed again.

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