Check Out The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV Prototype Towing: Spy Video

Towing, at least a small trailer, should not be a problem.

A prototype of an SUV version of the upcoming all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQS was recently seen in Germany, when towing a trailer during tests.

We don’t know much about this vehicle, beside that it’s based on the Electric Vehicle Architecture (EVA) platform (just like EQS, EQE and EQE SUV) and that the produced of both SUVs (EQS and EQE) is scheduled for 2022, in the U.S.

For sure it will be a large, luxury SUV, with a target range of up to 700 km (435 miles) in the WLTP test cycle. With trailer, we would expect maybe 200-250 miles.

The EQS to be launched this year, but even this model is still undercover. Here is a fresh spy video with the EQS (and some new GLC prototype), just to compare:

If the EQS to be the first all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQ model in the U.S., then the SUV version has a chance to be the second.

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