Conservatives attack Labour for ‘wasting public money’ in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Ealing: Huge line of traffic builds as road blocks are implemented

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Labour put an LTN scheme into Mr Prince’s old ward in Barkingside before the last election. The two LTN schemes were then shut down just a month later after residents hit back against the plans.

However, Mr Prince said the schemes had been introduced in London “without doing proper consultation” with residents, which had led to issues.

He said the schemes had “no consideration” for vulnerable road users such as the disabled.

Keith Prince, Conservative GLA member said: “[Labour] were saying ‘oh this is it, this is the game-changer, this means Prince will lose the election now’.

“Then all of a sudden it turned out they had put it in but hadn’t done a proper consultation.”

He added: “One chap had to drive nearly 25 minutes to get to his garage because they put a barrier between his house and his garage.

“There were fire engines and ambulances and police cars all getting clogged up and not able to go where they wanted to go.

“Then they took them out and the clowns of the Labour Council said ‘it doesn;t matter it was Government money’

“It’s all the same money mate, it’s all our money that’s being wasted.

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“It doesn’t matter if it comes from the local council or it comes from the Government.

“That is public money that has been absolutely wasted because of their rush and greed to grab the money on the table without doing proper consultation with residents.

“I’m not against LTN’s, I’m not against any kind of road quieting, traffic management.

“But I am against enforcing things on people without proper consultation and no consideration to the blue light services, people with disabilities and residents. It’s outrageous.”

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