Coronavirus: Here’s How Hyderabad Police Is Keeping Its Vehicles Sanitised

The coronavirus pandemic is growing by the day it’ll take more efforts from all the officials involved as well as the citizens to do their bit and contain the spread. Amidst these trying times, it is necessary that the police officials and healthcare workers carry out their duty in sanitised conditions to keep the virus at bay. Doing its bit to help the police officials in Hyderabad, Mahavir Group, more popularly known as the Indian partner of Benelli motorcycles, and owners of dealerships for multiple auto brands including Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu Motor, and Skoda Auto, is conducting a cleanliness drive to sanitise police vehicles in the capital city of Telangana. The team is also handing out immunity building homoeopathic health kits to the police force.

The team is sanitising an average of 15 patrol cars and 5 patrolling two-wheelers every day

Speaking about the initiative, Yashwanth Jhabakh, Chairman, Mahavir Group said, “Our police officers are on the frontline 24×7 to provide service to the public and those struck by the coronavirus while trying to stay virus-free themselves. Disinfecting the patrol vehicles is a much-needed step in protecting our officers amid this pandemic. We at Mahavir Group are happy to support.”

Speaking on the support from the Mahavir Group, Anjani Kumar, Commissioner, Hyderabad Police said, “Our police officers are out every day patrolling the city, to ensure the citizens safety and health. In these critical times, where the officers are operating selflessly without worrying about their safety, we really appreciate the gesture and support extended to us by the Mahavir Group. We request everyone to sanitize their vehicles in a similar manner, before and after usage, to ensure their own safety.”

A team of 10 people will carry out the disinfection process for the next 10 days

Mahavir Group has deployed three mobile vans and four two-wheelers with a team of 10 people to carry out the disinfection process for the next 10 days. The team carrying out the disinfection is covering about 35 km per day, sanitising an average of 15 patrol cars and five patrolling two-wheelers every day that are being used by the Hyderabad police force.  

Pashu Jhabakh, Managing Director, Mahavir Group said, “In these testing times when the entire country is fighting against the pandemic of COVID-19, we also resolved to stand by it and do our bit. The Hyderabad city police is on the frontline 24×7 during this lockdown, protecting all the residents from any further spread of this virus. While we appreciate the efforts put in by everyone to mitigate the effects of this pandemic, our priority has been to help the ones doing their best to help others.”

The team Mahavir Group disinfection team are using 3M Germkleen disinfectant on the patrolling vehicles. The four-wheelers are not only being sanitised on the exterior, but the interior too is being cleaned with the focus on high contact points that include the door handles, armrests, steering wheel, gear knob, levers and the dashboard.

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