Coronavirus Pandemic: Maruti Suzuki Looking To Make Ventilators To Help Government Fight Amid Lockdown

The Government has reached out to several auto manufacturers to help out in making ventilators, to fight the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic. The Indo-Japanese carmaker is currently evaluating the current situation as well as the possibility of manufacturing the ventilators. Bajaj Group Head, Rahul Bajaj also said that they will look into options and would help in any way possible. RC Bhargava, Maruti Suzuki, Chairman said, that the COVID-19 is an urgent concern and the world is battling the same. Presently, the automaker is looking into the same and the possibility of making the ventilators. The company will be looking into the matter and taking a call in 1-2 days.

Talking about the timeline to make ventilators for helping the government – RC Bhargava mentioned that, “Ventilator is a very very different product from an automobile. And, it’s only yesterday that we were approached as to whether we can get involved into making ventilators. So we are now looking into it, what exactly the product is, and what production requirements are, what the technology is and all of that. We are hoping that very quickly in a day or two, we will be able to tell the government what we can do or not do.”

Giving more insight about the impact on the auto sector, he stated that, “This is the policy of the country at the moment. All non-essential industries are closed. We are no different from others who are closed down. And, closedown means there will be no sales.” Giving assurance to the employees, he assured that no salaries will be cut or no employees will be laid-off during these unprecedented times.

Additionally, Mahindra has officially announced that it would be initiating ventilator manufacturing for the COVID-19 patients. Joining the battle against the virus, Mahindra Holidays too offered its resorts could be employed as temporary care facilities for patients.

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