DiDi To Introduce First Shared EV Fleet In Mexico

Shared electric vehicles are coming to Mexico.

Didi Chuxing, the world’s largest taxi-hailing and ride-sharing platform, announced an addition of hybrid and electric vehicles to its shared fleet in Mexico City.

DiDi Mexico (launched in April 2018) operates ride-hailing, taxi-hailing and food delivery services across 32 cities, covering 50% of the nation’s population in Mexico.

“In 2019, the number of trips people have taken with DiDi grow by nearly three and a half times. DiDi Food, launched in early 2019, also registered impressive growth in an underdeveloped market. 30% of the customers and 40% of the restaurants on DiDi Food never used a digital platform before.”

This year, the company intends to add over 700 electric and hybrid vehicles, including 200 electric exclusive for DiDi drivers.

As the press releases mention “major international OEMs including BYD and Renault”, we assume that EVs will come from BYD. The only electric Renault we found on the company’s website is the Twizy.

“In 2020, DiDi Mexico plans to roll out a number of new initiatives on smart and sustainable urban mobility. As the first new energy initiative for ride-hailing in Latin America, DiDi will introduce a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles to its platform in Mexico. In phase one of the initiative, over 700 units of EV/HVs from major international OEMs including BYD and Renault will be available on the app through cooperation with local leasing partners and drivers. 200 EVs are exclusive for DiDi drivers. “

DiDi boasts that in China has nearly 1 million EVs available!

“DiDi already operates the world’s largest EV fleet, with nearly 1 million EVs available on its platform in China, accounting for over 40% of all EV miles driven in the country.”

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