Diesel shortage: How to check which petrol stations have diesel near me

BBC Breakfast compare petrol and diesel prices

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Embattled Brits who are already feeling the pressure in rising costs for fuel are now having to contend with a lack of supplies at the pump. The development comes on the back of last year’s fuel shortage which sparked a raft of panic buying and long queues up to forecourts. Residents, particularly in the southeast of England, are having to search further afield in order to keep their vehicles on the road.

What is causing the diesel shortage?

Climate activism groups Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion have teamed up to organise protests and demonstrations designed to block key terminals across the country.

They’ve said they will not stop causing chaos for motorists until the Government agrees to stop all new fossil fuel investments without delay.

Originally, the protests began on Friday, April 1 and are now entering their 11th day.

People taking part in the demonstrations have been seen gluing themselves to roads and being locked to oil drums.

Supply lines have already been placed under severe pressure owing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and increased demand following the end of Covid lockdowns.

Sanctions placed on Russia have reduced supplies coming from Moscow, while there are also fewer open refineries as a lasting legacy of the pandemic.

Forecourts have placed signs at their entrances to notify motorists of the lack of supplies and to prevent queues from forming.

According to the RAC Fuel Watch, the average diesel price this year in the UK has been 176.90p per litre – correct as of Monday, April 11.

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign, has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to “get on top” of the protests and “protect the supply of petrol and diesel to our garage forecourts”.

He said: “Don’t let panic buying take over again with those long unnecessary queues we saw last year when you failed to act.

“Our economy and millions of daily lives depend on their vehicles. There is no need to wait until it gets too late to act. So please secure the fuel supply chain now!”

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How to check if a station has diesel

Google Maps provides one of the best methods to see whether a fuel station near you has a good amount of supplies.

When you go into it make sure your location is turned on and search for petrol stations near you.

A special tool on Google Maps lets you know how busy any particular station is – essentially the busier it is the higher the bar displayed next to it.

A high bar may indicate that the station is busier because it has fuel in, though this doesn’t take into account factors like the local population.

Waze, a road traffic app, has a new function that will tell you how bad the traffic is surrounding close by petrol stations, letting you know if it’s worth making the journey.

You can download it for free on Android and Apple devices, and it will tell you where the cheapest place to get fuel can be found.

Alternatively, social media pages for different fuel providers can help to offer a rough guide of which stations are suffering from shortages.

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