Dom Littlewood issues car buyers with huge layby warning ‘do not do it – beware!’

Dominic Littlewood shares tips for buying a second hand car

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Motoring expert Dom Littlewood appeared on BBC’s Morning Live today and delivered some vital car buying advice to the nation as used car prices rose for a staggering 24 months in succession. This year alone average values are up some 30 percent on 2021.

And one important warning Littlewood gave was never to try to buy a car advertised in a layby with ‘for sale’ signs on it.

That is because they give buyers no consumer protection whatsoever and could result in purchasing a ‘lemon’.

Littlewood said: “Layby car sales, you see them by the side of a road with ‘phone this mobile number’ – avoid them like the plague.

“You’ve got no comeback on that, it’s buyer beware, so don’t do that.”

He said: “There’s a thing called Consumer Credit Act Section 75, which we’ve all heard about.

“It covers you if you make a purchase using a credit card. A lot of people don’t know that you’re covered for anything over £100 up to £30,000, but you only have to pay a deposit to that dealer of £100 or more on your credit card. And the whole lot is covered.

“So if the dealer goes bust or your engine blows up, you go to your credit card company and say ‘Oi, I’ve got a problem here.’”

Littlewood also had some great advice on haggling down the price of a used car.

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He explained: “Cars are obviously a little bit harder now because of this demand outstripping supply. But dealers still want to sell their stock, so have a go.

“Be polite, don’t go in aggressively. I have a saying, which is ‘kick them in the gutter, pull them out the trees, meet them on the pavement.

“That means, let’s say the car is ten grand and you’d ideally like to get it for nine. Don’t offer nine, because the dealer is going to tell you he wants £9,700 or £9,500.

“Go in at £8,000. Kick him in the gutter. It’s going to lower his expectations. He’s going to come down eventually and you might meet at £9,000.”

He continued: “Make it fun. Have a haggle. And make sure that the person selling you whatever it is, is enjoying the experience as well.

“Carry on chatting to them, change the conversation a little bit but then ask again and again and again.

“And when you get the price down, if you’re still haggling over the last little bit whether it be 200 quid, 400 quid, whatever, then pull a coin out and say ‘Come on. Let’s flip it. Let’s see how brave you are now.’”

Host Gethin Jones seemed astonished by Littlewood’s coin-flipping advice, saying “Really? That’s you and your double-sided coin though, Dom.”

Laughing, Littlewood replied, “Yeah! You just have to make sure they don’t call your side!”

Recently it was suggested that used car values might be due a correction, with British Car Auctions reporting a 5.9 percent decline in final sale prices in March.

But automotive industry insiders hope that any market decline will be minor.

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