Drivers warned of £2,500 fines for reacting to spiders in cars

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While most attention is always given to spiders inside houses, motoring experts have now warned drivers about the issues they could face when encountering one behind the wheel. For many, being in close proximity to a spider can result in instant fear and the desire to get as far away from the creature as possible.

However, when faced with a spider while driving, this poses a potential danger, with serious road accidents having been caused due to drivers being distracted by spiders or other bugs.

This erratic driving could land drivers with a fine of up to £2,500, according to experts at Scrap Car Comparison.

Spiders can suddenly appear mid-journey, causing a distraction to whoever is behind the wheel.

In 2015, a woman in the UK caused a fatal crash as a result of a spider falling into her lap from the sun visor, highlighting how the consequences of having a spider in the car can be incredibly severe.

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Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison said: “Spiders are something that many of us love to hate, and they can often give us a bit of a fright, so it’s not surprising that we find it rather unsettling when they appear in our cars with us.

“However, it’s important that we try not to let any phobias or fears distract us from the roads, and cause a much more serious incident than any that will occur from sharing our cars with an eight-legged creature for a short time.

“Keeping your car clean and tidy will help to deter spiders from moving into your car too, so hopefully that’s enough motivation to get out the vacuum cleaner and cloths during the winter months!”

Experts at Scrap Car Comparison have also provided drivers with advice on what to do when they spot a spider while driving. The tips are:

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Spiders don’t like vibrations

A sleepy spider will be disturbed by a lot of vibrations, so drivers should try to avoid sitting with the car idle for too long.

If they do emerge from their hiding place, which is most likely on the outside of the car, then they may try to find their way inside.

Keep calm and keep your eyes on the road

Although it’s easier said than done, it’s important to not be distracted by any spiders in the car.

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Instead, motorists should try and keep driving until they find a safe place to pull over, such as a quiet road, or a layby, or other parking space.

Drivers should not be tempted to try and remove the spider while driving.

Leave the car open

If possible, when safely stopped, drivers can exit the car and leave the doors and windows open so that the spider can find its own way out.

Motorists may use a piece of paper, or gloves to remove the spider.

The experts said: “When stationary, use a piece of paper (or car handbook), or a thick pair of gloves, such as those you may wear in the winter, to gently remove the spider from your vehicle.

“This is a much safer method than trying to flick a spider out of a window whilst moving.”

The best way of preventing spiders from visiting vehicles is by keeping them tidy.

Spiders like hiding in dark places, so leaving empty food wrappers and bags around the car will only be an invitation for them to enter.

Air vents are one of the other main places where spiders like to live, so drivers should make sure to give them a wipe to avoid any build-up of dust and grime.

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