E10 fuel changes cause a ‘burning smell’ from car after refuelling, say drivers

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Since it was introduced to petrol forecourts in September, motorists have been experiencing problems after filling their vehicle up with E10. Recently, more motorists have spoken of their experience with the petrol, citing a stronger smell which they hadn’t encountered with older forms of petrol, like E5.

A Twitter user, CFS Motor Racing, said they received a call from an engineer who had filled up at a Shell petrol station.

They continued, saying: “He said it had no smell unlike before and was like water.

“Has there been a change in the south and is this the effect of Ethanol if now added here?”

In response, Shell Stations UK, said: “Hi CFS, in September 2021, the standard petrol in the UK became E10. Ethanol rating in unleaded fuel has changed.

“This may be different than E5 smell.”

Despite this, other drivers have reported a similar smell coming from their car.

One Express.co.uk reader claimed: “Though I have a four-year-old car which is Grade 6 in the emissions and congestion charge list.

“I found my fuel consumption greatly increased and the occasional smell from the car and all for the same journey.

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“Have switched to Premium E5 which is a bit more expensive, but the MPG has improved, and no smells noticed.”

Another reader, using the handle Cjjs, said: “I was surprised I got away only with lower fuel consumption.

“Admittedly I did smell fuel for a week or two after they changed it, but I suspect it was residue from me standing in a fuel spillage from some previous zombie using the pump.

“I have seen people overflow their tank, look at the puddle forming at their feet, look at the display and continue to pump until they round it off. People like that really do exist.”

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