Easy way drivers can use 20% less petrol and save money on fuel by adjusting their windows

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Driving test experts have detailed the tip among a number of other methods to save money on petrol. They claim Britons will “use up less fuel” by rolling their windows up over certain speeds – even during a heatwave. TikTok account Driving Test Success said: “Avoid rolling the windows down (at higher speeds).

“Despite popular belief, if you’re travelling at higher speeds, wind resistance can cost more on fuel than AC!”

It has been a long-standing debate as to whether keeping the windows down or rolling them up is better for saving fuel.

Blasting the air conditioning wastes fuel. What is more, the hotter the weather the more fuel is wasted as cars work harder to lower the temperature of the air.

But, drag caused by keeping the windows open also wastes fuel. So, what should drivers do?

A general rule of thumb is to wind the windows up and rely on air-con if you are travelling at 45mph and over.

However, the exact figure that will be best for any driver depends on the car being driven.

If you plan to stick to just one cooling method – aircon or windows down – one is more fuel-efficient.

Air con can increase fuel consumption by 10 percent, but driving with the window down at higher speeds can increase it by a huge 20 percent.

When driving at high speeds, most of the fuel used is already going towards combatting wind resistance.

Having the windows down only increases the strain on the engine.

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Other ways to save on fuel

Make sure your tires are pumped up at all times

Tyres than are under-deflated generate more friction with the road and therefore use more fuel.

Free up boot space (other than emergency spares)

Every extra 50kg can increase fuel consumption by two percent.

Change gears quickly when you accelerate

The car will use up less fuel when revs RPM are kept lower.

Plan your journey ahead of time

Stop-start traffic puts a lot of pressure on the engine and burns a lot of fuel.

Driving Test Success runs the app Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit, which boasts “2022 UK’s No.1 Pass Guarantee”.

The app, designed for iPad, aims to help Britons pass their driving tests.

It “ensures a first-time pass or your test fee back!”

The app has a 4.8 out of five-star rating, with 215 ratings made in total.

Another driver recently caused debate when they claimed to have found a “fuel hack” that could save drivers money. 

They claimed petrol pumps are ripping road users off with “aerated fuel”, advising use of a funnel as a “fuel hack”.

The road user claimed air in your petrol means drivers are being charged for more petrol than they are using.

He said: “It’s almost as if you pay for eight gallons but give between six and seven.”

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