Edmunds: Tesla Model 3 Is 'Way More Fun' Than New BMW 3 Series

Edmunds pits the brand new BMW 330i against a two year old Tesla Model 3.

The 2019 BMW 3 Series has arrived to kick off the latest generation of the long standing nameplate. The seventh generation of the 3 Series brings with it a slightly updated design and much needed improvements in power, vehicle handling, and technological features.

Overall, the BMW refresh checks all the right boxes: 225 hp, 295 lb-ft of torque, solid handling, 8.8-inch touchscreen, a comfortable interior, and standard safety features such as lane departure warning and emergency braking. Although the car does not do anything other than what is expected of it. 

So while the newest 3 Series lives up to its BMW namesake, how does it fare against its biggest all electric competitor, the Tesla Model 3? Specifically, which car drives the best and is all around more enjoyable behind the wheel? 

Edmunds reviewer Carlos Lago has decided to face off the newest offering from BMW against the publication’s long term 2017 Tesla Model 3. Both vehicles excel in areas that the other does not. Model 3 has excellent acceleration and handling, feeling much nimbler than the 330i. The Model 3 does not have the same robust sport wheel and tire package that the 3 Series does. This impacts some aspects of braking and handling. Although Tesla does offer a pricier Performance version that is not being tested here.

But which ends up on top on the all important fun to drive metric? You can tell simply by the reviewer’s tone of voice which car has captured his imagination and which one is more ho-hum. Be sure to check out the full review above to see why Edmunds feels that the Model 3 is so much more fun to drive. 

Video description via Edmunds on YouTube:

What’s the best-driving compact luxury sedan? That’s what Carlos Lago seeks to find out in this quick comparison. Representing tradition, we have a 2019 BMW 3 Series, the newest generation of the model. Up for the challenge is our long-term 2017 Tesla Model 3.

The BMW is new, and the Tesla has over 20,000 miles on it. If you aren’t thinking it already, yes, this comparison isn’t exactly fair. And that makes the conclusion all the more surprising. While the BMW certainly is a nice luxury car to drive, the Telsa provides more fun.

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