Electrify Canada, Canadian Tire To Install 90 DC Fast Charge Locations

90 Canadian Tire locations to be equipped with high-speed DC fast-charging stations.

Electrify Canada and Canadian Tire announced a partnership that will bring EV charging to 90 Canadian Tire locations by the end of 2020. The collaboration will make Canadian Tire one of the largest retail networks of high-speed EV charging stations in all of Canada.

Back in October, we reported that Electrify Canada an Canadian Tire were partnering to install 32 DC fast-charge stations at 20 Canadian Tire locations. Evidently that wasn’t enough and the partners have decided to now up the ante. Under the new agreement, 90 Canadian Tire locations will host a total of 240 DC fast-charge stations and 55 level 2 units. 

“Automotive is a heritage business for Canadian Tire and we have always evolved to meet the needs of drivers. With our premium real estate assets, we are able to provide convenient locations across the nation to service the growing number of EV vehicles in Canada,” said Andrew Davies, Senior Vice President, Automotive, Canadian Tire Retail.

Canadian Tire’s map of locations that will have high-speed EV charging stations from the Electrify Canada network

We love the fact that we keep reporting news of additional high-speed charging locations. It was only a few years ago that there were very few DC chargers in all of North America, and none (other than Tesla’s Superchargers) could deliver more than 50 kW. Now it seems like we’re announcing hundreds of more stations coming online every couple weeks. 

On the negative side, we’ve heard our fair share of comments that are highly critical of Electrify Canada’s pricing structure. Electrify Canada’s pricing is time-based, just as Electrify America’s is. However, Electrify Canada’s per-minute pricing is 10% to 12% more expensive than the Electrify America pricing, and a lot of customers here in the US complain about that pricing, so I’m sure many of our friends up north aren’t too pleased about the pricing either.

Eventually, we believe Electrify America and Electrify Canada will lower their pricing as utilization increases, and perhaps switch from per minute to per kWh pricing, something many users have called for. The recent news that California is mandating per kWh pricing, although it will be phased in over time, will undoubtedly force these Electrify America to rethink their pricing structure, and that could change how Electrify Canada operates also. 

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