‘Enough!’ Drivers urge UK population to go on strike unless petrol prices are brought down

Average cost of filling family car with petrol set to hit £100

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Drivers are furious at the current cost of fuel and some have called for the whole nation to go on strike unless the Government do something to bring prices down immediately. A 5p cut in fuel duty did little to stem the rise back in April and now drivers say matters have reached breaking point.

As Express.co.uk reported, drivers are ditching their petrol and diesel vehicles as fuel prices smash records with average costs surpassing £100 for a full tank.

Online car marketplace Motorway has seen an increase in the number of motorists looking to sell their petrol and diesel cars, as fuel prices reach all-time highs.

In the last month alone, diesel car sales on the online used-car marketplace have risen by 19 percent, as car owners fear prices at the pumps could continue to rise.

And readers are clearly angry with the Government for putting the onus on retailers rather than offering more help.

One commenter, ‘IanW’ wrote: “And why do you think the government is allowing the price of fuel to skyrocket?

“It’s about time everyone said enough is enough and everyone go on strike until the government did something about this man made or government made price hike in the cost of living.”

‘Notatam’ added: “Perhaps the government should drop their tax on fuel – they claim 46% on every pound.”

‘TrueBrit2’ said: “High fuel prices wouldn’t by any chance be a device to boost the sale of electric cars, now would it? Of course not, silly me.”

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‘DavidSmile’ wrote: “With the price of electricity rocketing, the fact we all know that governments and councils will put huge punitive taxes on electricity and electric cars soon to make up for lost revenue on petrol diesel, not to mention an electric car costing twice the price of a diesel car.

“You would have to be mad to buy an electric car to get over a temporary high price of fuel, that will likely be back to more normal levels once the world sorts itself out.

“Remember only last year you couldn’t even give oil away, seriously, they had to pay people to take it away.

“Stick with diesel, or petrol as long as you can, the government’s focus will move to squeeze electric vehicle owners, as there isn’t anything left for them to squeeze out of diesel and petrol vehicle owners.”

‘Mj2305’ replied: “All spot on apart from this being a temporary increase, the idea is to get all switched to electric vehicles, then increase electricity unit costs and as you say tax to the hilt.

“All petrol and diesel cars will be priced out.”

‘Is it jist me’ added: “The government, any government, needs income from fuel duty. If it’s not petrol or diesel you can bet your boots you’ll eventually pay through the nose to charge up your “green” electric car.”

And ‘Peter014’ said: “​​If EVs become ubiquitous then watch the cost to charge soar. Government will hammer them just as much as they do with Petrol and Diesel cars. They won’t want to give up on all that lovely tax income.”

‘Virago’ summed up the situation for many saying: “Different cars suit different people, EVs are not the answer for most. Range is still a problem for me.

“The environmental cost of EVs is a hidden nightmare. Battery production for a start and of course they are NOT zero emission at all their emissions depend on how the grid is supplied and at present its over 40 percent fossil fuels.

“As for Hybrids plug in or otherwise, what is the point ? There really isn’t one. What is the good of plugging in to get 35 miles of electric power unless your place of work is within 16.5 miles or so preferably less.

“EVs are useful for commuting, that’s it. Other than that, get a decent modern diesel.”

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