Filthy 2018 Dodge Challenger Takes A Lot Of Work To Look Good Again

This beast is no stranger to getting out there.

Petrolheads often know when and where to draw the line when it comes to taking our pride and joy out on the road. Even so, there are quite a few vehicles that sit in the garage regardless of the weather. However, The Detail Geek’s latest video features a Dodge Challenger that has clearly faced a barrage of winter conditions.

As he is based out of Canada, most would see the muscle car as a last resort when it comes to a winter runabout. Regardless, it’s clear that a set of winter tires and some patience behind the wheel can make a big difference.

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The vehicle itself is a 2018 Dodge Challenger and is not only filthy on the exterior but also the interior. As such, the video begins with a hefty powerwash on the outside. We never get a close-up look at the paint, but most of you will know that the plethora of debris found on the road in winter can do a number on your paint.

After a thorough powerwash, foam bath, and a light scrub, the exterior was looking brand new. Throughout the first powerwash, the cold Canadian temps were clearly making life a bit more difficult for The Detail Geek. No matter though, as the effects were limited to some re-freezing water and a steamy garage after the powerwash.

The interior of the vehicle followed much the same program as the exterior. Deep cleaning began with clearing out miscellaneous trash in the vehicle and vacuuming the carpet. After the more basic processes, he extracted a lot of the stains and discoloration from the seats, scrubbed the door cards, and completed a thorough steam clean – just as any self-respecting detailing channel would do, there was a brief look at the dirty water coming out of the extraction machine.

The end result might possibly be one of the most dramatic detailing transformations we’ve seen yet. Feel free to let us know in the comments below if you thought the exterior or interior transformation was more dramatic.


The Detail Geek via YouTube

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