Ford Bronco Sport’s Dealer-Installed Accessory Packs Revealed

A catalog of hundreds of Ford Bronco accessories recently leaked its way onto the internet courtesy of a Bronco enthusiast forum. Now, news of accessory packs for the smaller Bronco Sport has made its way onto the web, too—but this time the announcement comes from Ford itself, all official-like. The five new dealer-installed Bronco Sport accessory packs make heading off the beaten path, storing stuff, or looking cool more convenient.

Okay, so the accessories for maximizing storage space and livability aren’t cool in the same sense as, say, stuff designed to bolster the Bronco Sport’s off-road prowess. That said, organization gets some folks going, and these Ford accessories are here for those people. There is the “Bike” accessory pack that’s for, well, Bronco Sport owners’ bikes. The package comes with a Yakima trailer-hitch-mounted bike rack, roof rail crossbars, and a roof basket by Yakima. It also comes with all-weather floor mats from Ford, as do all of the packs covered here.

Two more Bronco Sport accessory packs are for the snowbound and those who enjoy camping. If you plan on hitting the slopes, you might be interested in the Snow pack’s Yakima hitch-mounted ski/snowsport rack and some roof rail crossbars. If camping is more your thing, the aptly named Camping pack comes with a Yakima two-person rooftop tent, an awning, and the aforementioned crossbars (necessary for supporting, you know, the roof tent). Finally, a Yakima-made kayak carrier, the crossbars, an awning, and the floormats complete the Water pack.  

The Cargo setup (not currently on Ford’s consumer website) is designed simply to maximize storage space on the Bronco Sport, and it comes with a roof-mounted cargo box with 16.0 feet of extra cargo space. It’s not exactly a U-Haul, but it might make getting all your junk from A to B a little easier.

The packages are bundles of options that are already available to Bronco Sport buyers through Ford’s dealer network, and you can shop all of the accessories on Ford’s site.

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