Four checks to avoid being ripped off when buying a vehicle

A car expert who shares her tips and insight on the TikTok account “Know the Car” has listed five checks to make when buying a car.

She claims these can help you avoid being ripped off a dealer who is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Some dealers might make a pre-used vehicle look as though it is newer than it is, or in better condition with various tricks.

These five checks are a way to work out if your dealer is trying to scam you, as explained by the expert.

The first thing to do is to look at the front passenger’s seatbelt.

Many don’t know the car’s tag on this front seatbelt has the car’s production date.

Make sure this date matches with the date on the nameplate inside the doors front passenger door jamb.

If they don’t match it’s a sign the car had to be repaired significantly after a crash.

Another sign a car has been damaged is if the sliding rails before the front car seats are rusty.

If they are it’s a sign the car has gone through some flood damage.

Another sign the car has undergone repairs is if the glue strips next to the engine bay’s top-corner edges look different to one another.

The last tip is to touch the inner wall of the vehicle’s exhaust.

If black carbon comes away on your fingers it’s a sign the car performs inefficiently.

One commenter wrote under the video: “Wish you could be with me when I’m ready to buy. Thanks for all the tips. You are golden!

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