Frost tip: One reader’s amazing de-icing tip to get rid of frost on your car in 10 seconds

Temperatures have plummeted across the UK, with some parts dropping to almost -10C in places. Public Health England has issued a cold weather warning until 12pm on Wednesday as the icy snap continues.

Even if you’ve dug out your warmest winter woollens, you’re likely to still have a battle when getting into your car.

Frost on windscreens can take hours to thaw naturally in these cold climes, so drivers will be looking for a quick fix.

But frozen glass poses its own set of problems, from cracking and scraping.

Below are some handy tips to get you driving.


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One reader suggested: “I use an app to turn on the car’s heating whilst I’m eating breakfast.

“Or I could set a timer if frost is remaining regular for a period of time. Welcome to the 21st century!”

Search for apps like Viper StartSmart or Carly to try this out.

Warm water

This one is seemingly obvious, but there’s a catch.

One reader wrote: “I use slightly warm water, not hot as could crack the screen!”

So let the kettle cool before you head out and throw it over the windscreen, or you could be looking at an expensive fix.

Done right, this will clear your windscreen in ten seconds and you’ll be ready to go.


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Ice scraper

Some drivers might try scrape frost off with a knife or other household item, but this risks scratching your windscreen.

You can buy yourself a special de-icer tool that picks the frost off a windscreen without doing any damage.

These can be picked up online or in supermarkets or petrol stations, and usually cost less than £5.

De-icer sprays

Special de-icer sprays can be applied to a car windscreen to prevent it from icing over in cold conditions.

The sprays can sometimes be applied the evening before a frost and prevent the windscreen freezing overnight, or straight on frosty screens in the morning.

Note that de-icer and antifreeze are highly poisonous and should be kept far from reach of children and pets.

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