Frustrated road workers tarmac around car left parked for a week ‘Comical’

Birmingham: Man chains bin to road to reserve parking space

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Despite signs letting drivers parked in the car park in Eastbourne know that the council was due to resurface it, one owner left their Fiat in a space for so long that in the end road workers had to put tarmac down around it.

It left the small car left stranded on an island of old tarmac, reported the Mirror.

The car was spotted in the same position two days after the resurfacing work was carried out on March 7.

And it was still in the same place a week after the resurfacing was carried out.

Appeals from the council to keep all spaces clear were ‘ignored’, the authority said.

Eastbourne Borough Council said workers will have to go back at a later date to resurface the square the car is occupying.

One resident of the seaside town, Phil Hall, said: “It’s a comical sight, but it’s also a waste of council taxpayers’ money as they’ll now have to return to the site to fill it in.”

A spokesman for the authority said: “The Eldon Road entrance to Ocklynge Cemetery has been resurfaced.

“One car, unfortunately, did not note our appeal to move vehicles beforehand, so we will be returning to resurface this space.”

Meanwhile a former policeman was left furious after receiving a parking fine for “no reason”.

On February 17, Paul Murphy was travelling into Leeds, West Yorkshire, for a business meeting and parked on a “public” side road, close by to the Tesco supermarket.

He told Leeds Live that he “never went in” to the supermarket, or parked in the car park.

He added that he thinks there is a camera in the entranceway, designed to catch people as they go inside.

Mr Murphy said there were no signs along the road, but that one sign said taxis would receive priority at 7pm.

He said: “It was unusual that there were no visible signs as there is usually something.”

For three hours, he had his car parked in the spot, whilst he went about his day.

Later, he was given a £70 fine through the post saying he had overstayed his welcome.

Mr Murphy added: “I think there must be a camera there and it pinged mine.

“Seems there is an ANPR parking fault at the back of Beeston Tesco.

“The problem is that most people would say ‘I’m going to get done if I don’t pay it’ but it’s not OK”.

He appealed the fine and two weeks later was told it had been overridden.

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