Fully Charged Takes EV West Electric Converted BMW M3 For A Spin

This no joke, the EV West BMW M3 EV conversion is a proper racing monster.

In the latest episode of Fully Charged, Jonny Smith had the opportunity to test drive the EV West’s BMW M3 racing car conversion.

The M3 originally participated in the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, but it was the equipped with a dual Netgain DC motor setup. The current version is equipped with a 450 kW rear electric powertrain from Tesla Model S (one of the Performance versions) and a 32 kWh battery pack to keep the weight low.

The torque on this conversion is so high that it enables burning the tires at almost any speed up to highway speeds!

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Video Description via Fully Charged on YouTube:

EV West Electric Converted BMW M3 | Fully Charged

Continuing his experiences with Michael Bream and the amazing team at EV West, Jonny Smith takes the 800HP Pikes Peak racing drift BMW M3 electric rally car out for… wait for it, a spin.
Smell that burning rubber.

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