Geneva Motor Show 2020: Toyota Teases Small SUV Ahead Of Global Debut

Toyota is all set to grace the 2020 Geneva Motor Show with a small SUV. It says that the new model ‘blends Toyota’s extensive small car experience with its strong SUV heritage.’ While it doesn’t reveal much about the name of the car or in fact the size either, what we get to see are the tail lamps and a couple of badges at the rear which give us an insight into what exactly to expect.

Toyota says that the new model has a raised ground clearance and an intelligent all-wheel drive system, and benefits from Toyota’s latest hybrid powertrain technology. Basically, that’s all the company is saying as of now. We have to say though that the slim LED tail lamps extending onto the tail gate look absolutely gorgeous.

A previous teaser which was just a sketch of the car showed the profile of the SUV. It shows a nearly flat roofline and will slot below the C-HR. We can’t wait to see what it looks like and we’ll have more information for you then.

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