Genius way to move your car if its stuck in ice or snow

Lefty Vlogger is a cars expert who uses his TikTok account @leftyvlogger to show his tricks for driving safely and efficiently. He has recently shared his advice for driving during winter weather, and has explained what to do if stuck in the ice or if you need to defrost your windshield.

A TikTok user called Lefty Vlogger has come up with a simple and efficient method for if your car is ever stuck in ice. His trick requires no additional products and will only take you a few minutes.

In his video, he said: ”If your car is stuck in ice, try this. Get the floor mat from your car and put it under the tire slipping for traction.”

He then showed a mat placed carefully underneath the wheel of a car and showed the car being able to easily become unstuck. The car expert said: “It can help you get out of icy spots so that you can drive away.”

The car TikToker added that you must also make sure you do not forget your matt once your car is free.

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In the comment section, people praised the vlogger for his hack, as one user said: “So simple, yet it works.” Another commenter named Lucy said it was an “excellent idea” while someone else wrote: “I am sure that this would work in the mud too.”

Lefty Vlogger also had a genius idea for those trying to defrost their car windshield on a cold winter day. He explained: “So, it is wintertime and you have a frosty windshield. Here is one quick tip.”

He first did his “normal gig” and put the car settings on defrost and also put the temperature all the way up in the car. The car influencer then explained what his tip was that “makes the difference.”

He explained: “Put down your sun visors, what that is going to do is trap the warm air in the windshield area. It is simple but it works and will speed up the defrosting process.”

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Once on the road, the LeftyVlogger also shared his tips for driving safely when the roads are covered with snow and ice. He said: “Tip number one, slow down. This one is pretty straightforward, but the faster you are going the longer it will take to slow down and stop. Slowing down will simply shorten your stopping distance.”

For his second tip, the LeftyVlogger said it was important to “give yourself extra space.” He explained: “When the roads are slick, it will take more space and time to come to a complete stop. Leaving more room between you and the cars in front will give you more space and time to react to anything in front of you.”

LeftyVlogger other tip is to not panic while driving on icy roads and said: “Panicking typically leads to you slamming on the brakes or making abrupt or aggressive manoeuvres. This increases your likelihood of locking up the breaks and losing control.”

He added: “Remember, no quick movements, make those inputs as smooth as possible.”

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The car influencer also explained what to do if you are ever in a situation where your car slides on an icy road. He said: “Firstly, in the event of an accidental drift, make sure you are looking where you want to go and not at what you are going to hit.”

“Secondly, you want to steer into the direction of the slide, this is often called counter steering. Lastly, gently modulate the throttle if needed.”

For his final tip, the LeftyVlogger stressed the importance of getting winter tires. He said: “Winter tires are specifically engineered to perform well in cold, snowy and icy conditions. They are a must-have for any winter driving that you may do.”

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