GMC AT4 Ad Takes Jab At Luxury Vehicles For Not Being Off-Road Capable

Why not compare the GMC models to actual competitors?

GMC has a weird new commercial where it takes aim at the luxury brands that are entering the premium, off-road segment. Rather than showing the actual vehicles, though, GMC creates fantasy versions of them with styling you can’t find on the road.

First, there’s a Lamborghini Huracan that has a modified body to make the exterior look straight out of Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s in a rocky desert, and the car’s rear wheels are spinning. Doing the same scene with a disguised Lamborghini Urus would make so much more sense, though, because Lambo sometimes markets the model as an off-roader.

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Next, there’s a vehicle that’s clearly a Bentley Continental GT but with a Maybach-like grille with lots of vertical slats. This one is in the forest but is stuck in a muddy puddle. Again, it seems like showing a Bentayga in this situation would get the point across better because that is a crossover like what GMC sells.

Finally, there’s a vehicle that very, very much resembles a Genesis G80 that is stuck in a sand dune. For the last time, there’s obviously the GV80 that seems like a much better selection for comparing against the GMC crossovers.

The clips of the stuck vehicles only take up the initial seven seconds. After that, GMC focuses the ad on the models from its AT4 off-road-oriented sub-brand. The video shows them excelling on all sorts of rugged terrain.

GMC launched the AT4 moniker on the 2019 Sierra. Since then, these models have expanded through the automaker’s lineup, including the Terrain, Acadia,  Yukon, Canyon, and Sierra HD.

Advertising is about making your product look good, so we understand what GMC is thinking with this ad, but the result comes off as disingenuous. If the company wants to prove that its products are more capable than premium competitors, then do that. Assemble machines like the Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Range Rover, and Lexus LX, and then show how GMC AT4 models can out-perform the challengers.


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