GMC Hummer EV Will Go Racing In The Extreme E Series… Sort Of

This is quite cool, but we don’t expect the racing version to be too mechanically similar to the one that will go racing.

If by reading the headline you thought you were actually going to see a modified, off-road racing version of the series GMC Hummer EV, well, we have to disappoint you. That’s not exactly what’s going to happen because GM will finance Chip Ganassi Racing which in turn will create an Extreme E racer that loosely looks like the production electric Hummer.

In fact, it won’t be mechanically related to the Hummer EV at all. Instead, it will actually be the Spark Odyssey 21, a purpose-built off-road vehicle base specifically designed for Extreme E. It has 536 horsepower and it was developed using technology developed for the Formula E electric circuit racing series.

The point of this exercise is not so much to make a racing version of the Hummer EV, as cool as that would undeniably be, but instead to raise awareness that the Hummer has, in fact, gone electric. It is more of an image exercise than anything else, one designed to reaffirm the shift to a fully-electric powertrain that has nothing to do with the vehicle’s diesel-burning military vehicle roots.

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