Grand Tour host Richard Hammond shared the car he would drive if he had 20 minutes to live

GMB: Richard Hammond questioned on last car he would drive

The former Top Gear star admitted he would opt for a classic 1970s Lamborghini Miura so he could “flip” the model. Mr Hammond described the Italian sports car as a “beautiful looking thing” while making his stunning admission.

GMB host Piers Morgan asked the Grand Tour frontman: “Any car in history, what’s the car if you knew you were about to lose your time on this planet what car would you drive?”

Richard said: “If I had 20 minutes to live am I going to be thinking about what to drive.”

He added: “Lamborghini Miura because at about 160mph – it’s from the 1970s, first supercar, beautiful looking thing – they go light at the front and they flip.”

Piers Morgan added: “You would do your level best to reduce the two minutes to about eight.”

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To which Mr Hamond replied it would be a “challenge” and he was “going to get there first”.

Richard has previously test driven a lime green coated Lamborghini Miura on season three of Top Gear, filmed in 2003.

He previously claimed the Miura redefined sportscars the same way Concorde redefined the aviation industry.

On his previous test drive, he described the car as “the origin of Lamborghini as we know it today” and where “the modern supercar begins”.

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Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has also previously shown his appreciation for the historic Lamborghini.

He names the Miura as his 32nd greatest car in his Clarkson’s Top 100 Cars album while he also previously described the car as one of the most beautiful ever made.

The Miura was the first supercar to run rear mid-engined which has become the standard for many sportscar today.

When the model was first released it was the fastest production road car available on the market.

The naturally-aspirated Miura came equipped with a five-speed manual transmission.

The car has a top speed of 171 mph and could reach 0-60mph in just under seven seconds.

The original P40 Miura was even fitted with the stunning Pirelli Cinturato tyres which were the first to use a wrap-around tyre structure.

The rubber was considered so good it was even used by F1 world champion Juan Manual Fangio in competition.

Speaking on his 2003 Top Gear test run, Mr Hammond admitted the car was “not easy to drive”.

He added: “Lamborghini knew their masterpiece wasn’t perfect and they steadily improved it throughout its life.

“Culminating in the SV of 1971, it had a better gearbox, better differential, better tyres, better rear suspension.

“Do you know what it was, it was better.”

Mr Hammond claimed the SV Miura was even owned by historic icons such as Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart and Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay.

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