Here's How The Toyota GR Yaris Sounds With The Particulate Filter Binned

The Toyota GR Yaris has so much going for it – the trick all-wheel drive system, the straight-line performance, the rally pedigree – that we’re willing to overlook the less than brilliant soundtrack.

It’s not really Toyota‘s fault that the noise the hot hatch makes is a little meh – that’s something we can blame on the petrol particulate filter (sometimes referred to as the OPF or GPF), an emissions compliance necessity for many modern performance cars. Thankfully, there are already options out there to remedy this.

One comes from BRS Motorsport. The Italian company has treated the GR Yaris seen in this video to a custom, GPF-deleting downpipe with a freer-flowing 200-cell catalytic converter and a 70mm catback setup.

The new system doesn't look dissimilar to the stock setup

With the new pipework, the Yaris’ 257bhp inline-three sounds angrier and throatier, with some lovely raspy overtones. It’s a much more fitting soundtrack for the road-legal version of a (sadly cancelled) rally car, we think.

The GR Yaris had only been launched to the market a few months, yet it’s already had a big impact on the tuning scene. Along with exhaust options like this, Litchfield recently detailed its engine and suspension options, while TOM’S are among a number of outfits to reveal body modifications. At the properly ridiculous end of the scale, we’ve seen a few 2JZ-swapped GR Yari with widebody Pandem kits.

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