Honda e, Less is More? Test Drive POV

Hop inside the HOnda E and let’s take it for a test drive.

This is the Honda e, the new electric car from Tokyo. It has a single 113 kW motor in this Advance version, about 152hp and 315 Nm of torque. And it costs 40,000 euros in this version.

Honda e is based on a pure EV Platform. the motor and transmission units are located on the rear axle. Whereas the charging socket, that’s installed at the front of the car in the middle of the bonnet. The weight, empty, in this version called “Advance” with 17-inch rims, is just over 1500 kilograms.  

It looks like something coming from a science fiction film from the 1970s or 1980s. In fact, it’s even more reminiscent of the past. The design is inspired by the Honda small box city cars of the past like the N360 or the first Civic  

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It has plenty of charm, with these clean but marked lines, very small overhangs. The external cover of tempered glass over the charging sockets, the retractable handles for example, the glass, also at the rear and cameras instead of mirrors that are stylistically well integrated.

What I like – What I don’t like

Look at what a Born Electric machine looks like. The central tunnel? Well, there isn’t one, it’s empty in the middle. And there’s also sockets to put your…console or pc in during the 220V stop phases.  

The infotainment is really excellent. It’s fast, it’s usable, it’s like a middle ground between a tablet and a smartphone. The effect of the combined screens is really nice, you can have a fish tank or here cherry blossoms. and the dual screens that you can manage as a driver or passenger. It’s fast, intuitive, and then there are also the physical keys to help.  There, the buttons, you see where they are?

These wooden inserts are high quality, nice. BUT the whole environment is – it’s very high tech , but also clean, with a desire for ecology surprising. Mirrors? No, cameras. And the layout is perfect, as is the adjustment. Okay, it’s a nice, funny, futuristic citycar.

But…wait! It’s also fun to drive. Rear-wheel drive, little weight on the scales and progressive but very communicative steering. Rear-wheel drive, short wheelbase and 315 Nm of immediate torque also means manageable cornering. Nice suspension damping, a little less driving position, adjustable but not too much.  

The Honda is really quite a city surprise.  


1) It’s really nice to drive  

2) Onboard environment and premium infotainment  

(3) details such as upper compass glazing  


1) little space on board  

2) little space in the boot  

3) autonomy?

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